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The Missing by Sara Anderson

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The Missing

Wild Mountain Shifters, book 3

by Sara Anderson

Published by Evernight Publishing

Cover Art by Jay Aheer with Simply Defined Art

Aaron, a tactical paramedic, knew Mandy was his mate when he first met her. Although she is shy, she had a kind heart and Aaron knew she was the one woman he wanted forever. Over time their relationship grew until they were both ready to commit to a lifelong mating ceremony.

When Mandy goes missing, Aaron fears the worst, since a rogue shifter tampered with her memory. Even if they find her, she may not remember him, or how much they loved each other.

However, there is more to worry about than Mandy’s memory. Brainwashed humans are attacking shifters and humans alike. Not only are the residents and visitors to their shifter community in the Colorado mountains in danger, but if the violence attracts national attention, their secret could be exposed, endangering them all. 

PG Excerpt
“My mate is cold.” Aaron placed his large hands on her arms and ran them up and down her chilly arms.

The heat from his touch made her shiver. Her knees felt weak, and her heart pounded so loud in her ears. Her hands stroked over his chest. The fabric from his sweater was soft, but she could feel his hard muscles underneath. Her tongue swept over her lips as her body tingled.

His gaze locked with hers, and he slowly smiled. He reached over and opened the storm door. “I am going to have to warm you up.”  He picked her up and carried her through the door, while holding her close.

Mandy rested her head on his shoulder. Aaron’s scent was fresh and clean, making her heat up even more. She shivered with desire and gave in to the temptation to lick his throat.

Aaron growled, and his grip on her tightened. Mandy smiled, knowing the effect she had on him. He placed her on their soft bed and peeled off his sweater. He tossed it over his shoulder before leaning down over her. His larger body covered hers.

Mandy’s hands ran over his smooth, warm skin. Her eyes followed her hands. She touched the pink scars from the knife wounds, thankful that Aaron was all right. Everyone downplayed his injuries, but she knew he’d been seriously injured. She looked into his face and smiled. He tried so hard to protect her.

Aaron pulled himself up and gripped the bottom of her shirt. He pulled it up and over her head, and tossed it to join his sweater. He licked his lips as his eyes met hers. “You are so beautiful, and all mine.” 

R Excerpt

It had been so long since he had been able to see Mandy’s submission. He loved how she surrendered to him, and only him. Mandy had always been shy and quiet, but she had a passionate streak she let very few see.

Aaron reached down and circled a nipple with his finger, making Mandy tense. After one was highly puckered, he concentrated on the other one. Mandy whimpered, but kept her hands where he told her. Now he was really going to test her. “You may scream as loud as
you like, but you may not move.” He smiled when she tensed but nodded her head.

Aaron pushed her legs farther apart and looked at her glistening pussy. He pulled the folds apart, revealing her swollen clit, and blew on it. Her hips bucked as she gasped. Aaron gave her a light tap on her thigh. “Do not move.”

Mandy whimpered then hissed in a breath as his tongue lightly traced her clit. “Aaron, I can’t.” She cried out and raised her hips again.

Aaron smacked her again a bit harder. “I said don’t move, or you’ll be punished.”

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Author Bio
I was born in a suburb of Chicago, but I lived in many states before settling in rural Missouri.
I wrote my first story in elementary school. The first time, the assignment was to write at least two sentences for the four pictures the teacher us. My imagination ignited, and I wrote pages instead of just a few sentences.  I still remember the teacher pulling me aside after class and telling me how impressed she was with the story I wrote.
I met my husband in Colorado Springs when he was stationed at Ft. Carson in Colorado Springs. We had only been dating a short time before we were inseparable. Mutual friends started making bets about when we would marry. To thwart their bets, we picked a day no one had bet on. We have been happily married for over 20 years, so although we married on a bet, we both came out the winners.
I am now a stay at home mother to my 3 children. When I am not playing with my children, I can be found writing a romance story.
I write romance stories with happy endings. I love a story with some suspense, but the hero arrives just in time.
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